Hi, I'm Christina Mei! 

founder of Mei Day Design / creative maker & shaker / smile enthusiast / 


I am a self-taught graphic/UX/UI designer from California living and working as a freelance designer in Prague, Czech Republic. I have a passion for innovative thinking, simple solutions for complex problems, gorgeous design and the color yellow. Above all, I love making beautiful designs which are useful, helpful and meaningful.

With an education in Sociology, nearly five years as web & graphic designer at Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty, and a variety of clients and personal projects, I have gained a wide range of knowledge and experience which help me to tackle complex tasks.  I have not only learned to investigate, analyze, and understand a problem or a client's needs, but I have also had the opportunity to work with industry leaders gaining design and technical skills and practice.

But there is more to me than just my "work". I love to laugh, sing, create, read, discuss, travel and explore.

If you have any questions, possible projects, or just want to say "Ahoj!" (Czech for "hello") then feel free to contact me.